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    Is your organization an IRS 501(c)(3) (required) YesNo

    If no, is your organization a 170(b) unit of government (required) YesNo

    PROJECT TYPE: A Capital-based request refers to the building of or the physical improvement of something, or a project that helps maintain or improve an asset, such as equipment, new construction, renovation or replacement. A Program-Based request refers to activities or general programmatic support, such as purchase of educational materials, equipment or items needed to support a program or specific service.

      Project Description 

    Full Project Description should address the goal of the project, how it will enhance the community, describe any collaboration with other organizations within the community on this project, and state any volunteer support for this project. No more than 450 words please: :

      Project Budget 

    Have other resources already been received or committed to the project? YesNo

      Budget Worksheets and Supporting Documents  

    Please complete the Budget Worksheet (click here) on the last page of the paper application and include with your online application. All information must be typed, not hand-written.

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    We approve submission of this grant request and certify that the purpose of this request is charitable and that monies received from GCCF will be used solely for the project stated in the application. We understand, if awarded, the project must be complete within nine months of receiving funds.

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