2019 Greater Carlisle Community Foundation Grants

There were 9 grants submitted for a total amount requested of $4,331.74, and the GCCF only had $2012.69 to award for grants this year. The grants were scored by the GCCF grant committee and the following were awarded grants this year.

  • Carlisle Police Department awarded $250 – The Grant is to purchase 250 donut stress relievers to be thrown out during extra-circular activities & other school functions. The wording would be “donut drink and drive or donut text and drive” on one side of the donut. These important reminders will be purchased with the assistance from the Greater Carlisle Community Foundation.
  • Friends of the Carlisle Public Library awarded $500 – The Grant is for the Carlisle Public Library Children’s Summer Reading Program Award Books. This grant would allow the Friends of the Carlisle Library to purchase children’s books to be given during the summer reading booking for summer reading program.
  • Children & Families of Iowa awarded $460 to purchase Safe Care items for the children’s safe participation program in our Carlisle School area.
  • Carlisle Youth Athletics awarded $500 to purchase additional helmets to meet the demand and the right size equipment for the children’s safe participation.
  • Carlisle Hometown Pride awarded $224.55 to purchase a printed Carlisle Hometown Pride banner to be used at events that they host or participates at.

Total 2010 Grants $1,934.55

We wish we had the money to give out grants to all nine groups that requested grant money. In our foundation rules we can only use 5% of our total funds each year. Help us build the money in our foundation so we can help with more grants each year. Please look at our face book page and our website to see how you can give a tax donation to the Greater Carlisle Community Foundation.